{ Pricilla Tan }

//Coffee and tea lover who is a full-stack engineer with experience in all stages of the software development lifecycle. I am well-versed in Java, PHP and Javascript. Most recently, I have acquired the skill in developing mobile application. I have rendered my services to various government departments as well as startups in Singapore.

About Me

I am a coder by day and a photographer by night.

Web Application

Set up & customise web applications and websites

Mobile Application

Develop mobile applications using Ionic 3


Using Wordpress to setup and configure a Wordpress site


Proficent in coding such as PHP, JS, Java, etc.


Past Works

TLS International Pte. Ltd

A customised CMS powered B2B website that displays a product list.

Web information

Web module for video uploading, transcribing and commenting.

Statistical Information

A web module that showcase data into information that the user can understand.

Work Experience

2016 - Present
Systems Engineer

  • Develop new products and modules on our Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) platform to complement the company’s existing product offerings
  • Consult clients on system integration to our platform and develop customised solutions in Spring and Dropwizard
  • Create test plans on JMeter to monitor server loads and provide live alerts to our development team
  • Design and conduct customised training and demos on our platform for both in house sales team, resellers and prospects
  • Provisioning ad hoc test and development environments
  • Develop mobile apps that complements ECTS operations on the ground

2014 - 2016
Product Manager

  • Develop customized enterprise applications.
  • Served as the Scrum Master and utilised Scrum practices to help the team increase productivity by 50%.
  • Development of web applications in PHP and Javascript. During my tenure with Corpus, I have completed 2 projects using Laravel framework coupled with Foundation for the front end and Redis for caching and queue management.

2012 - 2014
IT Specialist

  • Lead developer for the second flagship product, Tab a Salon, an online reservation portal that links salons to consumers.
  • Designed and developed Web Applications and Web services for both consumers and admin users.
  • Designed the system architecture based on requirements from the business stakeholders.
  • Developed new and enhanced modules using Liferay Portal, Hibernate and JQuery for their first flagship product, Tab a Doctor.

2010 - 2012
Software Engineer

  • Awarded the Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA) Team Excellence Award for my team’s project that revolutionised transport simulation in the military domain.
  • Seconded to DSTA as a Java developer to build simulation systems in the military domain.
  • Completed 2 highly classified projects relating to Air Defence resource planning and Military transport simulation respectively.

Education Experience

Bachelor of Computer Science(Digital System Security)
Diploma in Information Technology with Merits (2008)


Things that I love to do when I'm not coding.

Photography, Artistic


Coffee addict


Keeping updated with the latest technologies


Japan culture

Loves Japan

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